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Dutch Masters (2003-2010) were Eric Oblivian (Oblivians, Bad Times), Scott Rogers (Jenny Jeans, Perfect Fits), Talbot Adams (Royal Pendletons, Jenny Jeans, Black and Whites) and Punk Rock Pat. The Memphis, TN/Oxford, MS, group released a single on Goner Records in 2004. 

All In The Wires is a collection of the unreleased recordings The Dutch Masters completed for the Goner single, plus a couple of live tracks. The "studio tracks" were recorded by Jack Oblivian at the Goner Record store on an analog 4-track machine. All In The Wires contains a live version of "Fire Detector," which appeared years later on The Oblivians album, Desperation.

 During their seven-year run, The Dutch Masters played with Dead Moon at the Chicago Black Out and Goner Fest. They also released a track, "8 Ball Deluxe," on a Multiball Magazine compilation. All In The Wires was pressed on black vinyl and is limited to 500 copies.