Present Perfect

Flying Nun

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When Dunedin's iconic Sneaky Feelings met its demise in the late 1980s, frontman Matthew Bannister founded folk-pop act Dribbling Darts Of Love (later known as Dribbling Darts). Bringing Alice Bulmer and Alan Gregg on board, the trio released their first album, Florid Dabblers Voting/Shoot in 1991. The group's second album, Present Perfect - featuring top 40 hit 'Hey Judith' (1994) - enlisted former Sneaky Feelings drummer Ross Burge, who was playing with Gregg in the Mutton Birds at the time.


Artist: Dribbling Darts
Title: Present Perfect
Label:Flying Nun Records
Year: 1993
Cat #: FN247
Formats: Digital
Recorded: Recorded at Lab, Incubator and Truro Rd Auckland. Mixed at Lab and Incubator, January-June 1993.

Band Members: Matthew Banister, Alice Bulmer, Alan Gregg, Ross Burge

Track List:

  1. Hey Judith
  2. How To Waterski
  3. Stuck Inside The Birth Canal
  4. Question And The Answer
  5. Life's A Mistake (Worth Repeating)
  6. The Big Bopper
  7. Present Perfect
  8. Try Not To Explain
  9. Whatever She Does
  10. Hole In My Head
  11. Remember