Flying Nun

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This Flying Nun release is a compilation of underground classics of New Zealand rock, collecting the three EPs that the group recorded in the early '80s and adding some additional unreleased and live tracks. Group member Shayne Carter went on to the great psychedelic pop group the Straitjacket Fits with drummer John Collie, where they developed their post-punk songwriting to a degree of mastery that is unsurpassed by other acts of the era. With the late Wayne Elsey, they produced these mini-albums of agitated power pop with distorted punk energy and attitude that were landmarks of the '80s New Zealand indie sound -- and unjustly overshadowed by the likes of the Chills and the Clean at the time. "Big Fat Elvis" could be one of the greatest post-punk tunes of all time and the essential Carter-accented sneer is part John Lydon and part Elvis Costello -- and one can certainly hear traces of the Straitjacket Fits in the dual-guitar meshing of Carter and Elsey. His "Anyone Else Would" is a classic punk ballad of the Kiwi indie scene. - 4/5 Stars All Music Guide


Artist: Double Happys
Title: Nerves
Label:‚Flying Nun Records
Year: 1992
Cat #: FN196
Formats: Digital
Recorded:‚Tracks 1,5 From 'Double Happys Double B-Side' single, recorded at the Lab Studios on 8 track, March 1984, produced by Terry Moore.‚Tracks 2, 8 recorded live on Looney Tour February 1984 at the Wondsor Castle, Auckland; available on 'How Much Time Left Please' mini LP.‚Tracks 3,6,7,10 from the 'Cut It Out' EP, recorded on eight track at Radio One, Dunedin, April 1985, produced by Rex Visible. Tracks 4,9 recorded on 2-track at the Roslyn Mills Practice room by Terry Moore, 1983.

Band Members: Shayne Carter, John Collie, Wayne Elsey

Track List:

  1. Others Way
  2. Big Fat Elvis
  3. Moss Monster
  4. Wrapped Up In Myself Again
  5. Anyone Else Would
  6. Needles and Plastic
  7. Some Fantasy
  8. I Don't Wanna See You Again
  9. I Can't Say
  10. Nerves


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