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Don't Stop: Recording Tap


Don't Stop: Recording Tap

Numero Group

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In January of 2006, the Numero Group found itself sitting three-wide on a weight bench in a clammy Jacksonville, Florida, garage. Eight hours later, we peeled out of the driveway 37 tapes deep into a new mystery. Although Jeremiah Yisrael's Tap label issued only a handful of 12"s between 1981 and '83, his tape deck never stopped rolling, capturing dozens of lavish songs during disco's waning days. From the string-heavy sugar boogie of Jackie Stoudemire and Arnie Love to pioneering raps by Missy Dee & the Melody Crew and the Fabulous 3 MCs, Recording Tap covers a wide swath of New York's all-night sound. Our CD set includes a miniature song book and expansive booklet stuffed with photos and memorabilia, housed in a miniature replica tape box. The LP edition includes an additional LP's worth of material not featured on the CD.



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