Kaleidoscope + Kaleidoscope Companion (Reissue)

Warp Records


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Released in April 2000, Kaleidoscope marked a new era for the DJ Food alias first conceived by Ninja Tune label founders Coldcut. Now under the expert control of fellow Ninjas Kevin Foakes, aka Strictly Kev, and Patrick Carpenter, aka PC, the album broke with the past by reflecting a possible future of beats and pieces.

Kev and PC decided to celebrate Kaleidoscope's 20th anniversary by digging through their personal archives for material from the original recording sessions to discover an eclectic selection of productions that sound like they were made yesterday, and as Kev remarked "some of these tracks should have never been left in a drawer for two decades."

As Kev puts it, "It’s not a new DJ Food album, it’s an old one that never was. In an alternate reality it might have become Kaleidoscope but now, 20 years on, it’s a companion to the original album."

Seeing as the DJ Food album, Kaleidoscope, turned 20 earlier this month, PC and I thought we’d raid our archives and put together a pair of companion mixes containing early or alternate mixes, versions and unreleased tracks that were made around that era which was roughly 1998-2000.

- Kevin Foakes


Side A
1. Full Bleed (featuring Bundy K Brown)
2. Cookin'
3. Break
4. The Riff

Side B
1. The Ageing Young Rebel (featuring Ken Nordine)
2. The Crow

Side C
1. Nocturne (sleep dyad 1)
2. Nevermore (sleep dyad 2)

Side D
1. The Sky At Night
2. ...You
3. Minitoka

Kaleidoscope Companion
Side A
1. The Ents Go To War
2. Prototype I & II
3. The Crow (Slow)

Side B
1. A Strage Walk
2. Hip Operation
3. Skylark
4. Zoom Zoom

Side C
1. Quadraplex (A Trip to the Galactic Centre)
2. See Saw

Side D
1. Stealth
2. The Rook + Type 3
3. Boohoo