Diamond Dozen

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On Black numbered vinyl, this album contains lost tunes, soundtrack gems and stolen treasures. This old box of rough and rare material is a glimpse into the creative process and sketchbook of Delaney Davidson. Imagine an escaped collection of freakish birds, or convicts on the loose. A return to basics heralds the coming waves, as he seems to teeter between his band work and his solo vision.

Closely following the Rough Diamond approach of revealing the roots of the songs he crafts, “Diamond Dozen” spans ten years of the creative output. Culled from some of his original demo material as well as work he has made for theatre, these 12 pieces move away from his studio work. Both horribly raw and achingly sweet, bordering on a primitive musical sophistication that outstrips his more considered work, and the reckless abandon of the working demo, this album sits comfortably in the soundtrack genre.

Originally approached by Herr Roland of Berlin’s unique label Squoodge Records, to make a single, the idea immediately became a full length LP. When he started shunting material back and forward and realized what he had his hands on. His vision extended to a limited number of coloured vinyl copies as well as traditional black vinyl. Each cover is hand printed and numbered.

The cover design has prints by Samuel Harrison, and Scott Jackson.
Woven into a Jekyll and Hyde conversation about original state and monstrous synthesis.
Only 150 copies have made it to New Zealand.


  1. Petit Fleur
  2. Wishin
  3. Demons Claws
  4. This Heart Is A Train
  5. Somethin Of Your Own
  6. Bozo
  7. Pappone
  8. Naughty Augustus
  9. Grace
  10. Donkey Devil
  11. Delia
  12. River Funeral Horns