Organic Nation Listening Club (The Continual)

Vinyl LP

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2021 album by 'Cosmic Nomad' David Ornette Cherry following his father's tradition, the legendary jazz innovator Don Cherry. This a mosaic of healing soundscapes blending spiritual jazz, leftfield electronica, Eastern & native, indigenous sounds into musical parallels that transport the listener through doorways of ancient pathways to futurist crossroads. This is a phenomenal, unique album with Cherry working with upcoming musicians from across the globe into creating genre-defying funky, earthy, spiritual, organic soundscapes that speak to the soul!


1. So & So & So and So
2. Parallel Experience
3. Ancestors Are Calling
4. Cultural Workers (The Continual)
5. The Frame of Creativity
6. Eagle Play
7. Hidden Sounds
8. Najour
9. Cosmic Nomad

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