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Even on laid-back songs such as the mid-tempo piano ballad "Autumn Sun", there's plenty of fuzzy distortion bleeding through. Kilgour is rather unheralded as a guitarist, but in his early days with the Clean in the 1980s, he helped write the book on a ragged approach to playing that can be heard all over indie rock today. On Left By Soft, he seems to be reminding us that he helped stake out this territory. He opens and closes the album with two distinctly different demonstrations of that talent, leading off with strident noisemaking on the title track and ending things with "Purple Balloon", where he glides over a breezy beat with a series of offhandedly pretty, clear-toned explorations. -Joe Tangari - Pitchfork 7.3


Title: Left by Soft
Catalog Number: AHR047
Discs: 1
Formats: CD + Digital
Year: 2011

1. Left by Soft
2. Way Down Here
3. A Break in the Weather
4. Steel Arrow
5. Pop Song
6. Autumn Sun
7. Theme
8. Diamond Mine
9. I'll Walk Back Up That Hill
10. Could Be on My Way
11. Purple Balloon