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The Far Now

Arch Hill


"The album's instrumental textures and lyrical concerns (see, especially, "Wave of Love") are miles away from most contemporary music, let alone "cool" contemporary music. But more often than not, Kilgour crafts these anachronisms into artifacts of wistful nostalgia. With so many indie bands shooting for far-reaching and "ambitious" sounds, it's easy for something as unassuming as The Far Now to fall through the cracks. This is not revelatory music, nor does it seek to be. Instead, The Far Now evokes a kind of humble ease seldom heard these days, and rarely executed this well." - Pitchfork 7.3

Artist: David Kilgour
Title: The Far Now
Cat #: AHR025
Format: Digital
Year: 2007

Track List:
1. Sun Of God
2. BBC World
3. Under Cloud
4. Yenisei
5. Wave Of Love
6. On Your Own
7. I'm Gonna Get Better Lately
8. I Cut My Heart Out Once
9. We Really Can't Get Along
10. Too Long From Me
11. Donna & Jeff
12. Out Of The Moment
CD2 Orange Feathers:
1. Today Is Gonna Be Mine ‚
2. The Perfect Watch ‚
3. All The Rest‚
4. Sept 98
5. Gold In Sound‚
6. Rocket ‚
7. A Head Full Of Rolling Stones
8. Blue Sky‚
9. When You Come Back Down ‚
10. Suede Coat‚

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