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David Kilgour's second solo album, Sugar Mouth, is one of the sweetest slices of timeless guitar pop you can taste. 

As far as back story goes, well, you could say David Kilgour is something of a cult figure, as the guitar and voice of left-field trio The Clean and a slew of fantastic solo albums hes up to 9 now he has written the blueprint for New Zealand indie music and many bands to come.

Indeed, Kilgours talent for writing furiously catchy pop music with an understated Kiwi-style aura of ‚60s psychedlia is well-documented. A musician with a timeless way with guitar and song, just like his terrific debut, Here Come The Cars (1992), Sugar Mouth is also laden with mesmerizing melodies and shimmering pop brilliance.

However, like all his work there is the dash of sunny melancholy, at times swapping out the guitar fuzz for a touch of acoustic strongs and piano. And, like all his work, its ear-catching from the start with No No No, Fallaway and Filter perfect examples of Kilgours knack for well-crafted but deceptively simple songs. Before the album rollicks on through to the quietly graceful closer - Never End.

David Kilgour's Sugar Mouth is a stunning record, both glistening and honest, and is yet another reason he can make claim to being one of New Zealand's best musical treasures.

Track List:

  1. No No No
  2. Fallaway
  3. 1987
  4. Filter
  5. Beached
  6. Nail In My Foot
  7. Waiting Round On You
  8. Crazy
  9. Listen To The Rain
  10. Look At It
  11. Recollection
  12. Never End
  13. Winter (outtake) *
  14. Look At It (El Speedo) (outtake) *
  15. Filter (Demo) *
  16. Nail In My Foot (Demo) *
  17. Fallaway (demo) *
  18. Beached (demo) *
  19. Listen To The Rain (demo) *
  20. Look At It (demo) *
  21. Middle Of Nowhere (demo)*
  22. Winter (demo) *
    *CD only


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