Frozen Orange

Arch Hill

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Anyone who may have followed the Clean back in the day and lost track of Kilgour should find this a perfect way to rediscover one of the (for the most part) hidden major talents of the indie rock past and present. Everyone else just needs to check this record and this guy out.
All Music Guide 4.5/5

Hence, Old Reliable. I feel a little odd implying that Kilgour is old, as he hasn't reached the point of complacency or irrelevance that the word implies, but he's been with us for quite some time, and his mark looms so large on the New Zealand music scene that it's difficult not to think of him as an elder statesman. That said, he's fully earned the tag on Frozen Orange, and anyone looking for unpretentious, laidback and solid full-length is hereby invited to check out what's made Kilgour one our most consistent performers for 25 years.
- Pitchfork 7.8

Artist: David Kilgour
Title: Frozen Orange
Label: Arch Hill Recordings
Catalog Number: AHR014
Year: 2004
Recorded: Nashville,‚with Lambchop, produced by Mark Nevers
Band Members:‚Bass ‚‚ Matt Swanson,‚Drums, Percussion ‚‚ Sam Baker,‚Guitar ‚‚ William Tyler,‚Keyboards ‚‚ Tony Crow,‚Producer ‚‚ Mark Nevers (tracks: 1 to 5, 7, 8, 10, 11),‚Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards ‚‚ David Kilgour

Track List:
  1. The Waltz
  2. Living In Space
  3. Gold In Sound
  4. Frozen Orange
  5. Rocket
  6. Dogs Barking
  7. G Major 7
  8. Blue Sky
  9. A Head Full of Rolling Stones
  10. Everybody's on A Ride
  11. Rolling