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Chapter Music Starter Pack


Chapter Music Starter Pack

Chapter Music

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How often do we get the experience of listening to local music from across the ditch? Not that much, unless they are artists like King Gizzard or Tame Impala. (Lol).

We’ve included Chapter Music as a new opening into the Australian music scene. The musical range within Chapter Music is not as specialist or selective as maybe some other labels, this makes it really welcoming for people of varying tastes. “What Is This Thing Called Disco?” is a fantastic reissue organised by Chapter Records, it allows you to rediscover the punk, electronic and dance music from 1980’s band Asphixiation. Beaches are a psych-rock all female band that share a love for 60’s and 70’s sonic trancelike sounds. And the charming band Twerps have been releasing music with Chapter since 2009. These are just a few, so let us help start you off.

This Chapter Music Starter Pack includes:



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