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Australia and New Zealand got wise to the magically sexual, psyched-out being Connan Mockasin years ago, apparently. I caught his first U.S. performance recently, at a Kiwi friends emphatic urging, and immediately saw the big picture. Mockasin is a helluva storyteller, a real wizard with words, synth and titillating hip-swerving. Most of his back catalog falls into a bluesier territory, riling up rusted pitchforks and hay fever. With Caramel, though, the Aussie channels Prince, tossing together a velour-padded bachelor's cathedral. Its psychedelia. Its soft disco. Its turning you on (probably). 9/10 Paste Magazine


  1. Nothing Lasts Forever
  2. Caramel
  3. I'm the Man, That Will Find You
  4. Do I Make You Feel Shy?
  5. Why Are You Crying?
  6. It's Your Body 1
  7. It's Your Body 2
  8. It's Your Body 3
  9. It's Your Body 4
  10. It's Your Body 5
  11. I Wanna Roll with You