A Beautiful Revolution, Pt. 1

Vinyl LP

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"Music is medicine to the people" - Common.

A Beautiful Revolution finds Common returning to his hip-hop roots. A full-length continuous listening experience, the EP features 2 interludes and 7 new songs that he refers to as "Movement Music"; music to uplift, heal & inspire listeners dealing with racial and social injustices. It's recognition. It's elevation. Includes Don't Forget Who You Are, written/recorded for Bookmarks, Netflix's impactful new children's show produced by the Obamas.


Side A
1. (A Beautiful Revolution) Intro
2. Fallin'
3. Say Peace
4. What Do You Say (Move It Baby)
5. Courageous

Side B
1. A Place In This World
2. A Riot In My Mind
3. Don't Forget Who You Are
4. (A Beautiful Revolution) Outro

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