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 After being out of stock for a while, the original Drive Original Soundtrack edition is back pressed on brand new double Frosted Clear with Multi Coloured Splatter vinyl, housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.

The soundtrack features original music by Cliff Martinez (The Lincoln Lawyer, Traffic) with Eurosynthstyled songs by Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx ("Nightcall"), The Chromatics ("Tick of the Clock"), Desire ("Under Your Spell"), College featuring Electric Youth ("A Real Hero"), and Riziero Ortolani featuring Katyna Ranieri ("Oh My Love"). Rolling Stone Magazine named Drive the No. 1 movie of 2011.

"One thing that was unique for me about this project was having songs exert such a strong influence on the score," said Martinez. "That helped to create a unified, one-size-fits-all, style of soundtrack…the 80s electronic pop style made a lot of sense to me. I knew that Nicolas [Refn, director] was in love with that sound and I saw a way to acknowledge it with vintage synth sounds and cover most of the dramatic food groups while referencing that style." - Cliff Martinez.


Side A:
Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx - Nightcall 
Desire - Under Your Spell 
College Feat. Electric Youth - A Real Hero
Riz Ortolani Feat. Katyna Ranieri - Oh My Love 
The Chromatics - Tick Of The Clock

Side B:
Cliff Martinez - Rubber Head 
Cliff Martinez - I Drive 
Cliff Martinez - He Had A Good Time 
Cliff Martinez - They Broke His Pelvis 
Cliff Martinez - Kick Your Teeth 

Side C:
Cliff Martinez - Where's The Deluxe Version? 
Cliff Martinez - See You In Four 
Cliff Martinez - After The Chase
Cliff Martinez - Hammer 

Side D:
Cliff Martinez - Wrong Floor 
Cliff Martinez - Skull Crushing 
Cliff Martinez - My Name On A Car
Cliff Martinez - On The Beach 
Cliff Martinez - Bride Of Deluxe