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Seasick Lovedrunk - Flying Out


Seasick Lovedrunk

Melted Ice Cream

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Civil Union's last international tour was a miserable series of break-ins, near-accidents and existential dread. And fittingly! This is the band that sings Love Makes Slaves Of Us All, an example of what kind of hopefulness you can expect within a country thats undergoing a neoliberal makeover. And this is also the band whose bassist narrowly escaped an earthquake that levelled his home city. The misery is strong in these ones, as is common in their generation of NZ bands wholl never afford a house: a bleak streak recently nicely summarised as the Antipodean Gothic. Whether you intellectualise it or not, its plain to see that the chirp in this country has all gone dried up. And thats what an LP like Seasick, Lovedrunk is there to say, it in its idiosyncratic, twangy, bummed-out way. (Which also happens to be the way of The Male Nurse or the Country Teasers, if you wanna go there.) In it, a testament to the cracks in the landscape -- and people -- of New Zealand. If youre put off visiting by now, at least theres still this album.
(from Melted Ice Cream bandcamp page)

Artist: Civil Union
Title: Seasick Lovedrunk
Cat#: MICV001
Label: Melted Ice Cream
Year: 2016
Format: LP

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