Flying Nun

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Chris Knox's prolific output is so consistent in its quality and scope that it's often easy to forget just how good his records really are. While there's little to distinguish Yes!! from recent efforts like Songs of You & Me or Meat, that's hardly meant as a criticism -- Knox's albums increasingly seem less like individual works than part of a much bigger picture that's still coming into focus, and compared to the erratic, anything-goes aesthetic which permeates the American lo-fi underground, it's refreshing to encounter an artist with such a firm grasp of his craft that he makes excellent albums seem almost automatic. 4/5 Starts - All Music Guide


Artist: Chris Knox
Title: Yes!!
Label: Flying Nun Records‚
Year: 1997
Cat #: FNCD40
Formats: Digital
Recorded:‚Recorded, mixed, edited and sequenced at home on tascam 8, 8 1/2 trackreel to reel during Spet-Oct 1996.‚

Members: Chris Knox


  1. The Joy Of Sex
  2. The Sweaty Hide of Circumstance
  3. Pibroch
  4. Backstab Boogie
  5. Ballad of a Victim of the Economic Recovery
  6. Gold
  7. Tantamount to Treasury
  8. Uncoupled
  9. Engaged
  10. The Uncertainty Principle
  11. Penultimatum
  12. Almost Tempted
  13. Flaky Pastry
  14. Ndidi