Songs Of You & Me

Flying Nun

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Although this isn't a good deal different than his other work (both with the Tall Dwarfs and on his own), this may be Knox's best album, simply by virtue of the sheer amount of territory it covers over 21 songs. The fidelity is also somewhat better than most of his other releases, and although Knox has often championed the virtues of cheap home recording, this is a considerable virtue. A bit of clarity, without coming at the expense of slickness, simply makes the stuff easier to listen to. The disc is also the strongest evidence of Knox's talents as one of the more interesting lyricists working in indie rock, examining psychological conflict with a complexity that takes several listenings to grip. 4.5/5 Stars - All Music Guide


Artist: Chris Knox
Title: Songs Of You & Me
Label: Flying Nun Records
Year: 1995
Cat #: FNCD313
Formats: Digital
Recorded: Recorded at Intellectually Handicapped Studios, Auckland (Sept-Oct1990).

Band Members: Chris Knox


  1. Vol Au Vent
  2. Lament of The Gasropod
  3. A Song To Welcome The Onset Of Maturity
  4. Belly Up And Grinning
  5. Half Man/Half Mole
  6. Brave
  7. Sympathy For the Cripple
  8. Limited Liability
  9. Giving Her Away
  10. Chemicals Are Our Friends
  11. Young Female Caucasian
  12. Rust
  13. Instant Mashed Potato ll
  14. Mirror Mirror
  15. Open
  16. Hubba-Hubba Hasbeen Hoot
  17. One Fell Swoop
  18. Nothing Comes Clear
  19. Shrapnel
  20. Coda
  21. Instant Mashed Potato