Polyfoto, Duck Shaped Pain & "Gum"

Flying Nun

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A typically Knoxian journey through such varied topics as rape, Rodney King, distorted self-images, cosmetic surgery, and ruminations inspired by contemporary cultural theorists. The music is still pop/rock-experimentalism, sometimes approaching (as in "Trim Milk") his best melodies. - All Music Guide


Artist: Chris Knox
Title: Songs Of You & Me
Label: Flying Nun Records
Year: 1993‚
Cat #: FN249
Formats: Digital
Recorded: Polyfoto - Songs in chronological order direct from the original work tapes recorded on ancient Walkman between 28/11/90 and 3/5/92. Couldn't find all of 'em so you get Stasis from flip of Undervtthe [sic] Influence 7" as a wee bonus. Sang and played and recorded and mixed everything at Intellectually Handicapped Studios on Fostex R-8.

Band Members: Chris Knox

Track List:

  1. Medley
  2. The Split
  3. Inside Story
  4. Replace Me
  5. (& To Think It All Started With) Trim Milk)
  6. Glide
  7. Under The Influence
  8. Not A Victim
  9. Osmosis
  10. Get A Life (ll)
  11. Heart Failure
  12. Letter From L.A.
  13. God Sez No! To Cosmetic
  14. Blameless
  15. The Outer Skin
  16. Intensive Care
  17. Honey Stung Paws
  18. Mum's The Word
  19. View From The Bridge
  20. Space
  21. Self Pity's Just A Name For Feeling Real