Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs

Sargent House

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Chelsea Wolfe gained an audience for her dark dirges with her 2011 breakthrough album Apokalypsis, but Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs isn't exactly logical follow-up -- which makes it all the more interesting. Wolfe reteamed with several of the players who helped her make Apokalypsis as fittingly doomy as it was, including Ben Chisholm, but this time she and her crew focus on the fragility and versatility of her voice, a couple of things that occasionally got lost in her previous album's brooding, lo-fi din. Strings feature heavily on Unknown Rooms, and on songs such as "The Way We Used To," they complement her voice perfectly, to the point where the delicacy and fluidity of her singing suggests a violin, and vice-versa. Perhaps even more so than on Apokalypsis, there's a genuine sense of mystery floating around these songs, which didn't fit on either of Wolfe's previous albums but create an introspective dream-world together. Wolfe doesn't stray far from her usual lyrical territory -- love, death, loneliness, terror -- but she takes a slightly different perspective here than she has before. -


  1. Flatlands
  2. The Way We Used
  3. Spinning Centers
  4. Appalachia
  5. I Died With You
  6. Boyfriend
  7. Our Work Was Good
  8. Hyper Oz
  9. Sunstorm