Carnivorous Plant Society

Carnivorous Plant Society

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The Carnivorous Plant Society, led by trumpet and keyboard player Finn Scholes, and some of Auckland's top musicians have joined together on this album.

Playing an interesting array of instruments with the trumpet, mellophone, flugelhorn, ocarina, recorder, trombone, glockenspiel, violin, cello, double bass, guitar, vibraphone, tuba, euphonium, congas, synthesizers, keyboards and drums all have their say.The players even pucker up and whistle on occasion.Leaving an album filled with a wide mix, with Mexican mariachi mixed up with futuristic sci‚Äêfi space sounds through to macabre, spine‚ chilling nuances drawn from Stephen King novels.

The album is supported by three cartoon‚ style videos, painstakingly hand drawn by Finn Scholes at the kitchen table.

Artist:Carnivorous Plant Society
Title: Carnivorous Plant Society
Label: Heavy Trigger
Year: 2014
Format: 12" LP + CD

Album Performers: Finn Scholes: Horns, keys and vibraphone / Alistair Deverick: Drums and percussion/ Jo Shum: Bass / Alex Freer: drums / Andy Smith: Guitar / Tam Scholes: Guitar / Siobhanne Thompson: Violin / Cass Basil: Bass / Hollie Fullbrook: Vocals and Cello / Don McGlashan: Euphonium / John Bell: Vibraphone / John Ellis: Congas / Eric Scholes: Bass ÔøºÔøº

Track List:

1. Battlefield Furute
2. Slave Song
3. La Noche Del Guiro
4. Misty Magic Land
5. Chysalis Empire
6. A.D.N.D
7. ÔøºSpider Wolf
8. Would You Rather
9. ARP. Of Sadness
10. Bob Dylan
11. ARP. Of Pleasure Ôøº


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