Far From The Sun



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Written in London over a two year period and released by Homestead in 1993, this is the only studio album featuring the London incantation of the band. Recorded in bathrooms of squats and old railway sheds in Brixton (in the heart of the shoe gazer era) it has bugger all to do with Brit Pop and was engineered on a four track by Keith McLean and Graeme Jefferies. Probably the most difficult album of all to actually get finished “Far From the Sun” stands up well as the first batch of songs to be written outside of New Zealand.

There’ s a live clip on the Cakekitchen’s youtube channel of the line up that made this album playing at the Sausage Machine in London three days before their NYC debut at CBGB’s.

Far From the Sun was the first release to have different labels on each side of the Atlantic and was the group’s first record with the Bavarian label Raffmond. The songs have a strange far away aura about them and one can imagine just how cold it must have been during the English winters when most of the songs were conceived. The last of the Homestead Trilogy and a bit of a neglected classic. CD contains booklet with lyrics.