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Breaking Over You Feat. Guilty Simpson


Breaking Over You Feat. Guilty Simpson

Wonderful Noise

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Leonard Charles latest single which features Detroit MC Guilty Simpson. Leonard Charles is the most recent musical project from Jeremy Toy, who has forged a long-lasting production and performance career with the likes of OpensoulsHollie SmithThe TornadoesShe’s So RadAaradhna and more.

NZ Disco meets Detroit -  "Breaking Over You" is Leonard Charles trademark Boogie / Disco, with a simple raid back beat and a floating sense mellow synth while featuring J Dilla collaborator Guilty Simpson.

Toy explains; "I wanted to make something that sounded "Lo-Fi" enough to work as a follow up to Basement Donuts, but also have an air of "Hi-Fi" to it. It's a raw track that expresses the raw feeling of relationships. Guilty [Simpson] really came through with this one and I feel like the end result is a balanced, going in-and-out of love track that anyone can relate to." 

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