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Brainfeeder X


Brainfeeder X


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Flying LotusBrainfeeder – considered among the most innovative independent labels of the last decade – celebrates the label’s past, present and future with a 36 track collection, showcasing some of the label's finest retrospective highlights, plus a mouth-watering 22 brand new, unreleased cuts from Brainfeeder artists and the label’s extended family.

Brainfeeder has constantly broken new ground while reminding the world that the future is only as far away as it needs to be. It’s less a label than an international conspiracy to conquer clichéd sounds – reorganizing the DNA of funk, hip hop, jazz, soul and every other strain of beat music that eludes compartmentalization. The label has become a sanctified refuge for those who believe that genre is largely obsolete, nothing is too weird and the wildest style will always reign supreme.

If the resuscitation of jazz has been one of the predominant narratives of the last several years, it’s unquestionably due to the lasting impact of Brainfeeder, via their imagination, total fearlessness and wry humor.

While Brainfeeder X is both an important recap of just how powerful a force the label is within the beats, electronic and hip hop circuits, the new tracks that make up the bulk of Brainfeeder X go a long way to making it clear that for Brainfeeder, the best records are still to come...

The first part of the collection mostly boasts the classics, while the second focuses on an unreleased future canon. 

It’s some Braveheart shit.



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