Downtown Science (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP (Grey Marbled)

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Downtown Science is Blockhead's second foray into instrumental hip hop – twisted but melodious orchestral samples and dementedly innocent voices snipped from dusty times passed. Atmospheric, uplifting, raw yet expertly refined – this is a simply terrific piece of music. Downtown Science is gritty, grave, and evocative enough to not require an MC to drive its message home.

  1. Never Forget Your Token
  2. Creeps Crouchin'
  3. Panic In Funkytown
  4. Hungover Like Whoa
  5. Meet You At Tower Records
  6. Escape The Meadow
  7. Smoke Signals
  8. Tools Of The Industry
  9. Midnight Blue
  10. Snapping Point
  11. Beyond Reach
  12. The Robin Byrd Era


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