Blackout (50th Anniversary Edition)

Vinyl LP + CD

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 Limited vinyl LP pressing including bonus CD. To celebrate their 50th band anniversary, the Scorpions are releasing the Deluxe Edition of this classic album. The vinyl LP comes in an original replica of the album sleeve with the CD in paper sleeve. The vinyl LP includes the original track list while the CD includes five exciting bonus tracks. The band carefully selected the five pieces which have never been released before. Among them is a rather intriguing demo version of "Blackout". The other four are Sugar Man, All My Love, Searching For The Rainbow and Running For The Plane.


  1. Blackout
  2.  Can't Live Without You
  3.  No One Like You
  4.  You Give Me All I Need
  5.  Now!
  6.  Dynamite
  7.  Arizona
  8.  China White
  9.  When the Smoke Is Going Down
  10.  Blackout
  11.  Can't Live Without You
  12.  No One Like You
  13.  You Give Me All I Need
  14.  Now!
  15.  Dynamite
  16.  Arizona
  17.  China White
  18.  When the Smoke Is Going Down
  19.  Blackout
  20.  Running for the Plane
  21.  Sugar Man
  22.  All My Love
  23.  Searching for the Rainbow

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