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STAFF PICK "Great to have this back in stock to time in nicely with Bill's new poetry book - a fascinating double album of Direenisms!" Matthew Crawley

Sold out more or less everywhere, these final copies of the 2LP (edition / 500) vinyl version of the official soundtrack to Simon Ogston's excellent Bill Direen documentary "A Memory of Others" is back in stock, with limited numbers.

(on the filmmaker) - Simon Ogston, director, grew up in Christchurch with the music of Flying Nun on his turntable. In 2017, he realised a long-held ambition to capture Bill Direen and his musical friends on film. Archival material, avant-garde theatre and video clips punctuate the story line, as the crew accompanies Bill on a 2000 km tour of his native skinny islands. Watch out for places referenced in the lyrics, some spectacular landscape, Christchurch ruins and reconstruction post-Quake, or the beautiful Whanganui River now given the 
same status as a human being in New Zealand law. The film offers a raft of extraordinary guest appearances from members of Vacuum (1978) through to ongoing Ferocious. A soft highlight is a Gamelan orchestra of elementary school kids backing Bill. Not forgetting the analytics, Ogston slips in sporadic interviews by cognoscenti of New Zealand Underground, poetics and early punk tendencies.

Comes w/ downloadable full-length film.


1. Kindly Stranger 01:13
2. Magazine 02:55
3. Bedrock Bay 02:08
4. Stoat 02:12
5. Circle of Blood 04:08
6. Son of Cronos 03:13
7. Extraordinary Day 03:28
8. Russian Rug 06:49
9. Love in the Retail Trade 03:54
10. Alien 02:31
11. Cup 03:04
12. Holydays 02:50
13. Friend 02:45
14. Inquest 05:02
15. Darling 04:35
16. Trees 04:12
17. Seaweed & Bone 01:23
18. Byron & Eve 04:46
19. Million Hearts 01:47
20. Charisma 01:12
21. The Utopians R Just Out Boozin' 04:00
22. Alligator Song 02:46
23. Gin Trap 01:43
24. Unemployed 01:45
25. Momently 01:50
26. Envoi 03:11