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Phantom Brickworks (IV & V)


Phantom Brickworks (IV & V)

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One year on since he released Phantom Brickworks, Bibio returns with Phantom Brickworks (IV & V), two extended sessions of ghostly echoes and dreamlike textures...

Moving further toward the twilight abstraction he first explored on the first Phantom Brickworks volume, Phantom Brickworks (IV & V) sees Bibio letting us loose once more to drift even further into the fog. On the first half, Phantom Brickworks IV slowly comes to life with a plethora of piano notes that slowly sink out of focus across an eleven minute plus duration, before the closing chapter Phantom Brickworks V lays down the pace to incorporate field recordings of running water and outsider ambience, making for another haunting journey through the centre of Bibio's supernatural countryside.

A lovely addendum to Bibio’s Phantom Brickworks album.

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