Edge of a Dream (RSD 2021 Edition)

Earth Records


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1000 copies pressed on Gold vinyl & DL card.

Originally released in 2002 ‘Edge Of A Dream’ will be reissued on gold vinyl and available for the first time as a standalone vinyl for Record Store Day. Following ‘Crimson Moon’, ‘Edge Of A Dream’ is one of Jansch’s last studio records featuring original and traditional songs that are modal with his trademark bluesy and folk sound. It features some traditional reworkings including the lesser-known instrumental ‘Gypsy Dave’ with fiddler Dave Swarbrick and the stunning ghostly track ‘All That Remains’ with Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval. Known for his collaborations, ‘Edge Of A Dream’ sees Jansch accompanied by Bernard Butler, Ralph McTell, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Hodge’, Makoto Sakamoto, Paul Wassif, Colm Ó Cíosóig and Loren Jansch.

Track Listing:

Side One.
1 On The Edge of a Dream
2 All This Remains
3 What Is on Your Mind 4 Sweet Death 5 I Cannot Keep from Crying 6 La Luna.

Side Two.
7 Gypsy Dave
8 Walking This Road
9 The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
10 Black Cat Blues
11 Bright Sunny Morning