Everything So Far

Tracks 1-4 produced by Karl Steven, engineered by Karl Steven, mastered by Simon Gooding
Tracks 6-10 produced by Nick Bollinger, engineered by Lance Powell, mastered by Tom Anderson

Bernie Griffen - vocals, guitar, banjo
Steve Roach - guitars, backing vocals
Tony Daunt - upright bass
Dave Khan - fiddle, banjo, mandolin, keys, orchestration, backing vocals
Will Wood - drums, backing vocals on tracks 1-5
Kerry Fraser - drum, backing vocals tracks 6-10

1 Sometimes I Feel So Bad
2 29 Diamonds
3 Take The Money
4 Friday Night (Camping Song)
5 Hurricane
6 Hand In Mine
7 Dangerous Engines
8 Horse Song
9 Southwest Gale
10 Reef Of Dreams