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Nova Paul's 16mm film This Is Not Dying was shot using a three-colour separation process, later composed to form a single image with a creeping aura of turquoise, pink, lilac and apricot. Mesmerising multi-coloured stills from the film are reproduced here along with a poetic essay from Paul and editor Gwynneth Porter, The Virtue of Trees, that, like a tree, grew from conversations spanning ideas of sovereignty, resistance, film analysis, genealogy and care of self and the world around us. Evocatively accompanied by a 7" record with a recording of Whakarongo Mai played by Ben Tawhiti on slide and steel guitar (released by 1:12 Records, Auckland).

Format: Exhibition catalog - Softcover w. 7-inch LP

Track List:
  1. Whakarongo Mai performed by Ben Tawhiti