Native Echoes


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While their native Florida may be in a state of perma-vacation, Beach Day isn't. On August 19, 2014, the band will release Native Echoes on Kanine Records, their second album in two years.

On this new LP, they've become greater than the sum of their throwback influences. After a year of touring in anticipation and support for their debut, Trip Trap Attack, Beach Day headed to Detroit ‚‚ mecca for both garage rock and the girl group sound ‚‚ and into the studio of Jim Diamond (the Sonics, the Dirtbombs, the White Stripes). Guided by the experienced hand of Jim Diamond, Beach Day dropped the bits of Northern Soul that appeared on their debut and replaced it with feedback, foot stomps, and an electric 12-string guitar run through an Allen Gyrophonic speaker to make it sound like a synth. And so, Native Echoes emerges packing more modern grit. With more instrumental sophistication and all-tape recording, the album features more atmosphere and patina to deepen its new octane.

Beach Day is: Kimmy Drake (vocals, guitar), Skyler Black (drums), with addition of a bassist for the live shows.


Artist:‚Beach Day
Title: Native Echoes
Label: Kanine
Cat #: KR117
Year: 2014


  1. All My Friends Were Punks
  2. Don't Call Me on the Phone
  3. BFFs
  4. I'm Just Messin' Around
  5. Gnarly Waves
  6. Pretty
  7. The Lucky One
  8. Fades Away
  9. Lost Girl
  10. How Do You Sleep at Night