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Bailterspace (Best Of)

Flying Nun

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Led by former Gordons guitarist Alister Parker, noise rock unit Bailter Space emerged from Christchurch, New Zealand in 1987. Originally comprised of former Clean and Great Unwashed drummer Hamish Kilgour, Pin Group alum Ross Humphries on bass, and Glenda Bills on drums, the group issued its debut EP, Nelsh, on the famed Flying Nun label later that year; both Humphries and Bills departed soon after, resulting in the addition of former Gordons bassist John Halvorsen in time to record the 1988 full-length Tanker. A tour followed, but when the Clean re-formed, Kilgour joined them on a permanent basis; his replacement in Bailter Space was Brent McLachlan, also the drummer in the Gordons.

Despite the restoration of the Gordons' core roster, however, Bailter Space were a clearly distinct entity, their sound more dense and imposing than in their previous incarnation; the trio resurfaced in 1990 with Thermos, mounting a tour of the Northern Hemisphere the following year. An EP, The Aim, appeared in 1992, and in 1993 Bailter Space released Robot World, their most acclaimed outing to date. Their prolific output continued with Vortura (1994) and Wammo (1995) and then slowed down for the last half of the decade, during which the group issued two albums for the Turnbuckle label: Capsul (1997) and Solar.3 (1999). In 2004, during a protracted hiatus, Flying Nun issued a self-titled compilation. Eight years passed before the band released another album, Strobosphere (Arch Hill, 2012). - All Music Guide


Artist: Bailterspace
Title: Bailterspace
Label: Flying Nun Records‚
Year: 2004
Cat #: FNCD484
Formats: CD + Digital
Recorded:‚Track 1 released on 'Vortura' (FNCD295/1994)Track 2 released on Capsul (FNCD375/1997)Track 3 released on 'Wammon' (FNCD325/1995)Track 4 released on 'Shine; 7' (HUNKA16/1992)Track 7 released on 'B.E.I.P. (FNCD284/1993)Track 10 released on 'Grader Spader' LP (FN106/1988)Track 15 released on 'Thermos' (FNCD142/1989)Track 16 released on 'The Aim' (FNCD232/1992)

Band Members:‚Alister Parker, John Halvorsen and Brent McLachlan


  1. X
  2. Pass It Up
  3. Splat
  4. Shine
  5. Dark Blue
  6. Colours
  7. Robot World (BEIP version)
  8. GimmerDot
  9. Capsul
  10. Grader Spader
  11. Sola
  12. Tanker
  13. At Five We Drive (Non-Album Version)
  14. Shadow
  15. Skin
  16. The Aim
  17. Argonaut (Album Version)
  18. The Today Song


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