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Here in handy full 12" format are the 1998 recordings that were supposedly meant to be the Furies first full LP, but which ended up getting split into two EPs, the "Sound of Mayhem" 7" on Big Neck and the 10" on Flying Bomb.

If you just picked up on the Furies with 'Greater Than Ever' or 'Let it Be', you owe it to yourself to of back and live through this stuff. Younger, rawer, maybe even faster, these tunes show these young turks blasting through twelve tracks, some that careen to near HFOS-like velocity (see "Filthy Fun" or "Murder Solution"), some that show them trying to find their way to the more "refined" Dead Boys-ish punk rock they perfected on the later LPs (see "Black Eyed Woman" or "The Last Man").

Pre-Billiams drummer Dapper does good work here, the guitar sound is blistering, Odie's violent yelp in near perfection, and the songs topics include the standard: violence, cheap sex, and cheaper living.

It's this stuff that first got the heads turning, from fans like me and you to the label-dudes like Tim Warren and Lowery (both of whom are rumoured to have expressed an interest in the you Buffalonians early on), and rightfully so.

What these recording may lack in finesse they make up for with moxie, something that's in short supply then as it is now, If you don't have this shit on vinyl already, invest now, as this disc contains no less than half a dozen cuts of classic late-nineties garage-punk punch. I guess the postscript to this review would be that the Furies have broken up, but recorded on final album comprised of songs written after the move to Chicago (rummers to be recorded at Albini's)." Andrew Tolley