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Store In A Cool Place - Flying Out


Store In A Cool Place

Flying Nun

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The New Zealanders Able Tasmans wear their influences on their down-under sleeves; their fourth album (and first in the U.S.) Store in a Cool Place blends British folk melodies, garage-band riffs, and Jefferson Airplane-style male-female harmonies. (Even their wistful love songs have American pop-culture titles like ''Mary Tyler Moore.'') What could have been derivative is, instead, a glorious sonic whirlwind ‚‚ one of the most bewitching rock albums of the year. And talk about wistful: The Tasmans disbanded shortly after releasing it. -‚


Artist: Able Tasmans
Title: Store In A Cool Place
Label: Flying Nun Records
Year: 1995
Cat #: FN312
Formats: Digital
Recorded: Park House, Unitech, Auckland, March 1995 by Tex Houston and the Able Tasmans

Band Members: Leslie Jonkers, Graeme Humphreys, Craig Mason, Peter Keen and Jane Dodd

Track List:

  1. That's Why
  2. Giant‚
  3. Simple
  4. The Professional
  5. My Name is Peter Keen
  6. GG 300
  7. The Wind Changed
  8. Dog Whelk 2
  9. Orenthal's Face
  10. Ladies & Gentlemen
  11. Mary Tyle Moore
  12. Home on the Range
  13. The Klingon National Anthem
  14. Parallax


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