Somebody Ate My Planet

Flying Nun

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On this green-friendly album, the New Zealand rock group apply their Beach Boys- and Byrds-inspired adrenaline sound to the "save the planet" concept. A beautiful album of delicate and melodic folk rock, the Flying Nun group's second decade sees planetary concerns at the forefront of their glacial guitar pop and '60s-inspired sound. Able Tasmans work with the low-tech sound similar to the Bats and the Chills, and produce sublime pop results. - All Music Guide‚


Artist: Able Tasmans
Title: Somebody Ate My Planet
Label: Flying Nun Records
Year: 1992
Cat #: FN233
Formats: Digital
Recorded: Recorded and Mixed at Lab Studios, Auckland Dec 1991 - January 1992. Produced by the Able Tasmans, Fred E. Rick and Victor Grbic.‚
Band Members: Jane Dodd,‚Leslie Jonkers, Ron Young, Graeme Humphreys, Craig Mason and Peter Keen

Track List:

  1. Circular
  2. Fault In The Frog
  3. School Is No Guarantee
  4. Asian Aphrodisiac Solution
  5. The Cliff
  6. Weight Of Love
  7. Sweet State
  8. Napoleons Last Letter To France
  9. A Conversation With Mark Byrami
  10. Big Fat
  11. Not Fair