A Love Sleeps Deep

Hardly Art


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A Love Sleeps Deep sees the Northwest band mining psychedelic, groove-heavy territory that was only hinted at on previous recordings.

While the album on a whole is about love, there’s an unmistakable anger boiling under the surface. Singer/guitarist Kevin Murphy captures the life-altering glory of finding real love on 'Sick in Bed' and 'Easy Coming', and speaks to that special unbridled brand of parental love on 'My Mother'. But the highs exasperate his counterbalancing frustrations. He sings with poetic pointedness about the casual racism his girlfriend has faced on 'Cinders', and how we’re all ruining the planet his daughters will inherit on 'Underground (A Love Sleeps Deep)'. He further lets his political feelings be heard on the distorted (literal) barnburner 'Soviet Barn Fire'.