We Bury The Living, Early Recordings 1989-90

Flying Nun

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Sandy Denny and Ozzy Osbourne had a baby, and they called it the 3Ds

Researched and compiled by Bruce Russell (Dead C) The 3Ds - Early Recordings 1989-90 is exactly that. A selection of tracks from the Dunedin bands formative years.

The compilation features seven previously unreleased demo tracks, alongside digitally re-mastered versions of the bands first two EPs - Fish Tails (1990) and Swarthy Songs For Swabs (1991).

Done on a porta-studio, many of these unheard demos were originally recorded for Xpressway, and the album also includes a version of Meluzina Man off the Xpressway Pile Upcompilation.The compilation comes with a 16pp booklet with liner notes written by Bruce Russell detailing the history of the band.

Having re-released The 3Ds three albums - Hellzapoppin (1992), The Venus Trail (1993) and Strange News From The Angels (1996) - last year, Early Recordings show how this melodically noisy outfit, that went on to influence the likes of Superchunk and Pavement, all began.

Watch the first part in a series of video interviews between bassist Denise Roughan and Roger Shepherd.


Artist: 3Ds
Title: We Bury The Living, Early Recordings 1989-90
Label:Flying Nun Records
Year: 2011
Cat #: FN508
Formats: CD+ Digital
Recorded:Tracks 3, 5, 10, 12, 16, 18, and 20 recorded and produced by the 3Ds on a porta-studio, Aug 1989.Track 1 recorded at Fish St Studios with Stephen Kilroy, Sept 1989.Tracks 2, 4, 7, 9, 14, 17, and 19 recorded by Stephen Kilroy and Matthew Heine, produced by Matthew Heine and the 3Ds. Fish St Studios, April 1990. Violin by Moira Crossman.Tracks 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, and 21 recorded by Tex Houston and Stephen Kilroy, produced by Tex Houston and the 3Ds. Fish St Studios, late 1990.

Digitally re-mastered by Tex Houston in April 2010.Album compilation and archival research by Bruce Russell.

Band Members:Dominic Stones,Denise Roughan,David Saunders andDave Mitchel


  1. Meluzina Man (Pile-Up Version)
  2. First Church (EP Version)
  3. Evocation of W.C. Fields (Demo Version)
  4. Ball of Purple Thread (EP Version)
  5. Evil Kid (Demo Version)
  6. Sing Song (EP Version)
  7. Dreams of Hergé (EP Version)
  8. Grimace (EP Version)
  9. Fish Tails (EP Version)
  10. Meluzina Man (Demo Version)
  11. Nimmos Dream (EP Version)
  12. The Burrymen (Demo Version)
  13. Bunny (EP Version)
  14. Evocation of W.C. Fields (EP Version)
  15. Ritual Tragick (EP Version)
  16. Hairs (Demo Version)
  17. Mud Sacrifice (EP Version)
  18. Fish Tails (Demo Version)
  19. Evil Kid (EP Version)
  20. One Eye Opened (Demo Version)
  21. Meluzina Man (EP Version)


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