Goodbye Boozy

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"Another hit from Goodbye Boozy, this time from Chicago's noise makers. I'd heard a lot of good stuff about these guys, and from the sounds of this it looks like this is one of those rare cases of the hype being well deserved.

The title track is a quick, nasty blast of pure punk rock served up like it should be; with loads of aggression and snotty as hell. The whole song just blisters along building up momentum for the finale where they finally break into a coda of "1-900-Get-Inside." I like a band that makes you wait for your builds anticipation and all that. The B-side doesn't disappoint either. It's over and done with before you know it starts, but it left me wanting to spin it again. This single wouldn't have sounded out of place on Rip Off during the glory years of the mid-nineties." - Andrew Tolley