Kia ora Flying Out friends,

Right about now you’ll no doubt be getting sick of all the updates checking up on you…but we also thought we should let people know what Flying Out is doing during these uncertain times. Clearly what we need now is community, connection and doing absolutely anything we can to slow the spread of the virus. Individually, our responsibility is to stay put and stay clean, but as a record shop, our job also lies in the first two: Community and connection.

Our little Pitt Street shop door may be closed for the time being, but our online store remains open and please feel free to support your trusty local record store by ordering online and reserving your pre-orders, and we will send out your bounty as soon as we are able to! Your support throughout all of this  is hugely appreciated!

Meanwhile during this time, our team will be online, so if you want a music recommendation, have a chat about what you are enjoying listening to or any other ways we can help, we’ll be ever present on our Facebook and Instagram. We also have a fancy chat function on our website for you to talk with us in real time. Plus, we will continue to keep you up to date with music we think you'll love, gushing about favourite upcoming records, and making big cool exciting plans for the next few months! And our regular playlists will still be updated.

We can’t wait to see your smiling faces again soon, and hope you’ve begun thinking about how you’re going to rearrange your vinyl collection! Keep in touch, and we’ll see you on the b-side of this wacky moment in time. 

All our love and stay safe! 

Flying Out x
March 25 2020