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Formed in 2006 from the ashes of Christchurch bands 103 and thomas:parkesThe L.E.D.s was a conscious effort to move away from the constraints of guitar music. Marcus Thomas, Blair Parkes and Helen Greenfield quickly found their aesthetic; self- described as pop-tronica- a combination of vocals, beats and icy synths : electro-fuelled pop made by machines and people.

Despite being geographically split between Wellington and Christchurch, the group actively pursued their creative direction, producing four albums and an ep over the next six years.

The L.E.D.s found a dedicated live following in Christchurch and Wellington, playing frequently at Mighty Mighty and The Dux over a two year period. They were joined on electric drums to augment their live presence by Daniel Batkin –Smith between 2007-2009.

Critical response to debut album, ‘We are The L.E.D.s’ :

"I'm in love. I love this album more than I can possibly say, or at least, put into words. This is legacy stuff. It's the first perfectly formed pop album I've heard from New Zealand this decade." - Simon Grigg, The Opinionated Diner July 07

"The L.E.D.s debut album is a finely executed work- it sounds like a far away dream of the future from twenty years ago"
- Real Groove July 07

"Its like standing to close to an electro-fuelled space shuttle blasting off for galaxies unknown and will have you walking in light for days."
4 Stars, Vicki Anderson , The Press Jan 13 2007



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