The Sore Losers Soundtrack

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Reissue of an out-of-time AND ahead-of-its time garage rock soundtrack to the typically out-of-his-mind Mike McCarthy (JMM) movie SORE LOSERS. The film is full of aliens, comic books, rednecks, zombies, boobs, gals, gals fighting, and rock n roll. Starring the Oblivians' Jack Oblivian, with Guitar Wolf, Mike Maker, the deliciously curvy D'Lana Tunnell, and a guest appearance by exploitation master David F Friedman himself. 

Anyone who has seen his movies can attest to the fact that Mike McCarthy always over delivers. Sore Losers is as good / bad an example as any. Whole soundtracks would be filled out around just one of the acts on this thing - case in point - Greg Oblivian doing a toy instrument version of the much-loved "Bad Man" that is worth the price of the record by itself. Plus The Gories / Dirtbombs' Mick Collins, The Makers, Jack Oblivian himself, and the mighty GUITAR WOLF! 

"Do You Like Lo-Fi With Your Sci-Fi?" - JMM 

You've got New Orleans garage/ frat kings Royal Pendletons. You've got Jeffrey Evans of the Gibson Bros with his 68 Comeback, also featuring Jack Taylor. Now Jack Taylor is the most amazing guitar player ever. And by amazing, I mean fucked up. His guitar tone started with the legendarily messed-up solo in the Velvet Underground's "I Heard Her Call My Name" and then added 4 fuzz pedals to it, creating MODERN ART! RIP Jack Taylor. Listen to him! You've got Nick Diablo of Viva L'American Death Ray Music. You've got more... 

Jack Oblivian, The Drags, The Makers, Tim Feleppa, Guitar Wolf, Gasoline... I mean, check out the track listing. This is quality 90s garage rock, still raw and vital as ever. 

This re-release coincides with Mike's new edit of SORE LOSERS, and is co-released by Chaputa! Records in Portugal. Southern Sci-Fi trash has never looked or sounded so good!