Marriage Story (OST)


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The 'Marriage Story' score runs alongside less than a quarter of the film’s two-hour running time, but when it’s there, it couldn’t be more prominent, as Baumbach begins the film with a lengthy overture of sorts under a long voiceover/montage sequence, then turns it up between dialogue scenes.

Randy Newman just received a Best Score nomination from the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA), and won Composer of the Year at this year’s Hollywood Film Awards.


1. What I Love About Nicole (3:26)
2. What I Love About Charlie (3:43)
3. Last Critique (1:41)
4. Procession to the Trailer (1:20)
5. Nicole Tells Her Story (1:01)
6. Mommy Phase (1:32)
7. Trick or Treat (1:19)
8. New House (1:32)
9. Sockpants / Dirty Sockpants (1:27)
10. Shouting and Shopping (1:40)
11. Separate Lives (1:12)
12. What I Love About Charlie (Reprise) (1:36)
13. Sgt. Pepper Shoelaces (1:07)
14. End of Story (Credits) (2:46)

RIYL: Harry Nilsson, George Bruns