JERRY SEINFELD - Jerry Before Seinfeld – Flying Out
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Jerry Before Seinfeld



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The allure of this album is strong: what dummy wouldn't want the juicy details of who exactly 'Jerry Seinfeld the man' was before he became 'Jerry Seinfeld the cultural force?' The reveal is that it's always been the same Jerry. Of course, above and beyond the entertaining trajectory of Seinfeld's career, his jokes-tight, perceptive, and funny as hell-are the record's true selling point. Whether mocking fashionable parenting methods or criticizing flower shops or marvelling at the delusion it takes to run for president, Seinfeld remains unrivalled in how few words he needs to explode an accepted social norm.


01. First Joke On This Stage 
02. Good Times
03. Errands
04. Childhood Desires
05. Comedy Lifestyle
06. New York City
07. Crime City
08. Telling The Family And Girls
09. Relationships And Men
10. Clothes
11. Florida
12. Career Choices
13. Presidents Are Crazy
14. Time
15. Movie Impaired And How It Happened