Car Wheels On A Gravel Road (Reissue) (Yellow Vinyl LP)

Limited Yellow Vinyl LP



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LUCIA'S STAFF PICK: "All of my favourite contemporary country music has a lot to owe to Lucinda. Pure Americana, this album still has you dancing and crying 26 years later" 
By the time Car Wheels On A Gravel Road arrived in 1998, songwriting legend Lucinda Williams had already been releasing music for two decades. Little wonder it captures an artist at the peak of their powers, winning Williams the Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album and solidifying her place amongst the greats. An unafraid catalogue of heartbreaks and hurts, as well as defiance in the face of it all, the album still has the raw impact it did all those years ago, and we're thrilled to announce its vinyl reissue will be here in just a couple of short weeks. - Flying Out

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams’ classic 1998 album on vinyl. The album won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album.It features the songs Can’t Let Go and Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.


A1. Right In Time 
A2. Car Wheels On A Gravel Road 
A3. 2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten 
A4. Drunken Angel 
A5. Concrete And Barbed Wire 
A6. Lake Charles
B1. Can't Let Go 
B2. I Lost It 
B3. Metal Firecracker 
B4. Greenville 
B5. Still I Long For Your Kiss 
B6. Joy
B7. Jackson