Many of you will remember Punches for their excellent EP released back in 2006. The duo features Kelly Sherrod (formerly of Dimmer) James Duncan (a solo artist under his own name and Dimmer, SJD).

Geography is all too often the enemy, but to Kelly and James, being as far apart in the world as two people can be hasn’t stopped them from staying both fast friends, and - perhaps more impressively - bandmates. 

Having relocated from Auckland to Nashville a few years back, Kelly was naturally unable to carry on “slapping de bass” with Dimmer. However, by the power of Skype, and a whole lot of back’n’forthing with James (fellow Dimmer member and SJD collaborator) in his self-built Newton Road studio, the world wide web has enabled an unexpected (and long overdue) debut Punches album to see the light of day!