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Forever Papaiti 100 Bootlegs - Flying Out


Forever Papaiti 100 Bootlegs

Papaiti Records

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To celebrate the milestone of 100 bootlegs, Papaiti released this compilation of some of their favourite songs from the archive. It includes live tracks by 18 different artists including Mount Eerie, Street Chant, Lontalius and Over the Atlantic.

The bootlegs project started in early 2010 with the modest goal getting nice recordings of the great shows happening around Wellington, and making them accessible. The free-to-download archive has grown in scope and number, now documenting shows around NZ, as well as some in Australia and China. With no end in sight, the collection continues to grow; this compilation serves as a personal summary of the first 100.

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Artist: Various
Title: Forever Papaiti 100 Bootlegs
Label: Papaiti Records
Cat #: PAP032
Year: 2014
Format: Cassette

Track List:

1. Street Chant -Less Chat, More Sewing (Live at Mt St Bar, 2010)
2. Bare Grillz -Heaps, Shoe Tan (Live at Puppies, 2014)
3. Mount Eerie - I Got Stabbed (Live at CALH, 2013)
4. Coate -Winter (Live at Darkroom, 2013)
5. Over the Atlantic -Cocorone (Live at Puppies, 2014)
6. Alex Angryman - Quell (Live at ‚_, 2011)
7. God Bows to Math -High Strings (Live at Bohemian Bar [in China], 2013)
8. Cool Cult -Clouds (Live at ‚_, 2010)
9. i.e. Crazy -Feed Me (Live at CALH, 2014)
10. Seth Frightening -Maria (Live at Freds, 2011)
11. Drumheller -When (Live at Bar Open [in Australia], 2011)
12. Making -Amazon (Live at San Francisco Bath House, 2013)
13. No Art-Epica (Live at San Francisco Bath House, 2012)
14. Ipswich - Affco (Live at Chronophonium, 2014)
15. So So Modern - Dendrons (Live at The New Dowse, 2010)
16. Charles Buddy Daaboul -Ride Your Bike (Live at The Croatian Club [in Australia], 2013)
17. Lontalius -I Was More Than (Live at FTP, 2014)
18. Grayson Gilmour - Oh, Stasis (Live at Wellington City Gallery, 2010)

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