Open The Door // Dance With Me 7"

Na Noise

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Na Noise are the Thelma and Louise of modern DIY guitar based music. The long-time collaborators Hariet Ellis and Yolanda Fagan (both having worked together on BOZO, Vincent H.L, Echo Ohs and Thee Crockettes) have a rascally take on traditional song — with their new-old songs, the band introduce a new-old sound. Joined by multi-instrumentalist Christopher Varnham who provides organ, drums and various other percussive elements, the three have cultivated a dark sound that is more carnivalesque than it is psychedelic.

The duo-come-trio managed to snag the top spot of over 350 entries in the Holiday Records 7” competition, and are about to become the first 7” vinyl record pressed in New Zealand since 1987, many thanks to the judges Charlotte Ryan, Jonny Vahry, Rodney Fisher and Mike Chunn.

The band had the opportunity to record their submitted songs at legendary Roundhead Studios, with engineer Steven Marr. Honorary fourth band member, Peter Ruddell, came along to help produce the songs and the results are incredible. The tracks were mastered by Mike Gibson of Munki Studios, and pressed to vinyl by New Zealand’s very own Joel Woods and Ben Wallace at Holiday Records.

RIYL: Suicide, Alan Vega, Echo Ohs, Jefferson Airplane, Shocking Blue