For those who are new to the world of Mëstar, they have now been going for almost ten years. But John and drummer Ian Wilson have known each other since birth – connected at a pre-verbal level – and bass player Stef Animal (real name) was a latecomer to the gang - meeting John at high school. The first five years of Mëstar’s existence were spent in hometown Dunedin where they released Mëstar (1998), Steamer (2000) and Porcupine (2002) on the Arc Label. Following this the band were dispersed around the globe. John traveled around and lived in Europe with Cloudboy, drew computer game graphics and recorded two solo albums (Balloon Adventure and Mogwash); Stef went to Holland and recorded a solo album; Ian lived in France. 

But despite this dispersal the band always planned to reunite, and sometime in 2005, by coincidence, they all found themselves living in the same city – Wellington. Here a plan was formulated, John had a scruffy set of concise no fuss pop songs, some ideas about Squizwot factories, and the band wanted to get cracking. They decided to get them down on record quick, smart, fresh and in a no-frills manner. Fellow Dunedinite Dale Cotton, (HDU, Dimmer, the Fanatics and others), was enrolled for recording duties and before anyone knew it Mëstar had an album in the can - recorded and mostly mixed in six snappy Auckland summer days. 

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