In 2006 Buda released his first full-length solo album, Special Surprise. The album was extremely well received and described as follows: “Perfectly formed pop artefacts crystallise out of prog-rock overtures; bombastic instrumentals dissolve into heart-melting ballads” (Nick Bollinger – The NZ Listener)

Following Special Surprise, Buda has been busy with his band The Phoenix Foundation: they released third album Happy Ending, recorded the soundtrack to the movie Eagle Versus Shark, and toured the USA a couple of times. On the domestic front there has been a home and a family.

However, out of this whirlwind something exceptional has emerged. Buda has called it Vesuvius. Harbouring an unfortunate and perhaps unfair suspicion of anything too new (they don’t make music like they used to!)… at the time of writing the album Buda was most inspired by the supreme ultra studio sounds of 70’s super FM pop. Namely; Electric Light Orchestra. So blame it on Jeff Lynne!